Temari Wedding Cake With Mini Globes

SKU: [ wed-311 ] Cake sizes (Top tiers) 6 inch and 4 inch
Number of mini globes (As in image) 80 assorted sizes.
Approx portions (Including globes) 120
Most flavours and colours available.

A unique temari wedding cake for our Bride and Groom with temari style decorated spheres. The temari spheres are of 3 different sizes. Each one is baked and decorated individually. We use 4 different flavours for the spheres.

We used to different decoration styles on the temari sphere cakes. Once they had been iced and decorated, half of the spheres have hand iced red bows placed on top. The cake stand was a custom made disposable stand specific to the requirements of this cake request.Temari Wedding Cake With Mini Spheres

Each of the cake boards used were also decorated around the edge with matching red ribbon. The top 2 sponges were covered in white fondant and then decorated with lace effect black icing on the top, which drapes over the sides. The base board of the top tiers was also covered with lace effect sugar veil icing.

The top tier of the temari wedding cake has fresh roses made into a bump placed on the top. The individual spheres range from £6.00 each depending on the size. Like all of our cakes, every sphere and the top tiers are made and decorated individually by hand less than 48 hours prior to delivery to your wedding venue. The price of the spheres represents the time taken to hand make and decorate each one individually.

This temari wedding cake was delivered to the queens hotel in Leeds. This hotel is a beautiful venue for a wedding.

This is a unique style of wedding cake that would amaze both Bride and groom along with your guests. You may choose up to 4 different flavours for the spheres and have different flavours again for each of the top 2 tiers. This cake is not limited to the amount of spheres or top tiers as shown on here. You may order less or more of each of them.

The price shown below is for the number of spheres and tiers shown in the images.
Please note decorations may vary slightly as each cake is baked individually.
Price for this cake (As in image) £590.00

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