Burgundy Broach Wedding cake

SKU: [ wed-241 ] Cake size approx (12″ 11″ 10″ 8″ 6″)
Approx portions (190)
Available in a range of colours and sizes

Burgundy Broach wedidng cake. A beautifully stacked 5 tier wedding cake delivered to Sheffield. The base tier of this cake was fruit whilst all the others were made up of different sponge flavours. A full list of our most popular flavours may be seen by selecting cake flavours from the menu opposite. The tiers can be arranged in any order of flavour. Choice of sponge or cake type does not affect the price of any of our wedding cakes. Burgundy Broach Wedding Cake Sheffield

Every tier of this wedding cake (like all of our cakes) with the exception of the fruit layer, were baked and decorated less than 48 hours prior to the wedding day, to ensure complete freshness on delivery. Each tier of this 5 tier wedding cake is covered with our lovely soft ivory fondant.

Burgundy Broach Wedding Cake SheffieldAt the base of three of the tiers it is decorated with soft fondant pearl effect icing, and each tier has a gorgeous burgundy coloured ribbon placed around them. On the top tier of this beautiful wedding cake, we made separate iced flowers to match the brides flower colour and choice of flowers.

The top tier of this burgundy broach cake sits above the rest on our 6″ acrylic cake stand which is filled with small crystals. To set the stand off we placed some more hand made iced flowers in the centre of the stand with a ice white light set underneath them.

The base tier and centre tier are decorated with matching ribbon bows and are set off with gorgeous crystal broaches. The base tier also had more hand made iced roses carefully offset at the base. Around the base and 4th tier we have included hand piped draped pearl effect. The cake is then set on a cake stand which is draped in white organza to give a continuous flow effect

As with all our wedding cakes the price includes a delicate hand made iced flower spray to attach to your cake knife whilst it is on display. Just one of our small finishing touches that we like to incorporate into all of our wedding cakes. We have also laid down on the cake table some hand made iced petal and pearl decoration.

As with all of our cakes, this particular wedding cake is also available in a wide range of colours to suit. Other types of flowers can also be selected, and again neither of these changes will affect the price of this cake.

Please note decorations and separator may vary slightly as each cake is baked individually.
Price for this cake (As in image) £495.00

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