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Some of our more popular cake flavours.

We bake all of our cakes the traditional way, using our tried and tested recipes. Using only fresh ingredients at all times. Every one of our cakes, whatever the occasion, is always baked fresh to order. For this reason we can offer all of our customers a vast range of over 30 types of popular cake flavours. For this we incorporate, real fruit, Belgian chocolate and a host of other fresh ingredients, that are mixed in during the baking process. This gives our cakes the real cake flavour of your choice.
We never use flavoured essence, long life cake mixes or pre-baked long life sponges!
“New Popular Cake Flavour Now Available” (Almond Sponge with Italian Meringue Buttercream and Salted Caramel Filling)

Browse through the list below which shows over 30 of our most popular cake flavours

Popular cake flavours mango
Cake flavours lime
Passion fruit
Lemon cake
Popular cake flavours. Cherry and amaretto
Popular cake flavours. Belgian chocolate
Cake flavours
  Caribbean fruit   Traditional fruit
  Prickly pear   Cardamom & mango
  Belgian chocolate fudge & cherry   Belgian chocolate & Lime
  Ferrero rocher style chocolate   Brandy alexander
  Mojito   Pina colada
  Banoffee   Praline
  Coconut & lime   Strawberry & lime
  Strawberry & lemon    Coffee & walnut
  Lemon & mango   Belgian chocolate & raspberry
  Belgian chocolate & strawberry   Belgian chocolate & chilli
  Belgian chocolate & spice   Belgian chocolate fudge
  Belgian chocolate   Belgian chocolate orange swirl
  Carrot & ginger   Cherry & amaretto
  Lemon   Vanilla
  Coconut    Coconut & lemon
  Passion fruit    Lemon & passion fruit
  Mango & passion fruit    Mango
  Orange & passion fruit   Lime & passion fruit
  Yoghurt Cake    Red Velvet
Almond Sponge Soft Stem Ginger
Cake flavours raspberry
Popular cake flavours Banana cake
Strawberry cake
Popular cake flavours. Coconut cake
Chocolate orange swirl
Belgian white chocolate

Popular cake flavours & fillings

Cake flavours & fillings.

We have many other cake flavours available so if you do not see a cake flavour that gets your taste buds going, then, please feel free to let us know what you would like. Apart from our great choices of flavours, we also have an extensive range of cake fillings.

These include our luxury Belgian chocolate ganache, cream cheese, white Belgian chocolate and many more. As we bake to order, we can also adjust our flavours to suit your needs. Maybe you would like a little less or more flavour in your cake. Try our samples at wedding shows or book a consultation for a cake sample.

With Kimboscakes you can be assured that you get what you ask for and what you pay for. If you wanted a Peach Melba cake, then you can rest assured we will make that cake with all the correct ingredients baked into the cake and in with the buttercream filling. If you would like a flavour that we have not yet supplied to anyone, then we will make samples for you to try and tweak that flavour to suit until you are happy with it.

Our cake fillings are just as important. Once again we will use real fresh ingredients to ensure you get the real taste of your choice.

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